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What is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that makes you sad, but it is different than normal sadness. Depression can make it hard for you to work, study, or do everyday tasks.

Mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder, are caused by problems with “neurotransmitters.” These are chemicals in the brain that can affect your emotions. Treatments for mood disorders seem to work by changing the levels of certain neurotransmitters.

How Do I Know If I'm Depressed?

Depressed people feel down most of the time for at least 2 weeks. They also have at least 1 of these 2 symptoms:

They no longer enjoy or care about doing the things they used to like to do.

They feel sad, down, hopeless, or cranky most of the day, almost every day.

Other Symptoms of Depression can include:

Lose or gain weight

Sleep too much or too little

Feel tired or like you have no energy

Feel guilty or like you are worth nothing

Forget things or feel confused

Move and speak more slowly than usual

Act restless or have trouble staying still

Think about death or suicide


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How does North Idaho TMS & Brain Center treat Depression?

we Treat depression

There are multiple ways to treat depression including medications, counseling (with a psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, or social worker), and TMS therapy. 

At North Idaho TMS & Brain Center, we use a device that passes magnetic waves or electricity into the mood center of the brain to stimulate and awaken your brain. 

Is TMS therapy
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Non-drug & FDA Cleared

Safe, effective depression treatment without medication side effects

Covered by most insurance

We handle the paperwork

Zero Downtime

Drive yourself to and from treatments and get back to your day right away

Fits with your current treatments

Can be a stand-alone treatment or added to your current plan

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