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At North Idaho TMS & Brain Center, we use TMS therapy to treat depression where is starts

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There are specific areas in your brain that control mood. In those with depression, those mood regulating areas are underactive and the neuron connections are broken.

We use transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to target that key underactive area of the brain to reawaken brain connections using gentle magnetic pulses improving your brain’s ability to regulate your mood.

Depression relief without
THE side effects

TMS is NOT a drug, is NOT “shock” therapy, and is NOT surgery. And it doesn’t have any of the side effects associated with traditional antidepressants.
There is no sedation, anesthesia, or recovery time and for most people the NeuroStar TMS treatment is relaxing.
The most common side effect is mild- moderate scalp discomfort.

Neurostar TMS: FDA-Cleared since 2008

For people who have not found relief from antidepressants or other therapies, TMS therapy is a safe and effective depression treatment without medication side effects

83% improvement

83% of patients report MEASURABLE improvement in their depression symptoms of 50% OR MORE

62% Remission

62% of patients will likely not have depression symptoms

7% Decreasing Improvement with medications

Patients who have not found relief from 3 or more antidepressants, have a 7% chance of remission with using another medication

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