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What to expect with tMS Therapy

At North Idaho TMS & Brain Center, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the treatment experience so you can focus healing

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we Look Different because we ARE different

At North Idaho TMS & Brain Center, patient comfort, satisfaction, and  throughout the treatment process are our top priorities. 

From the first phone call to the first time you enter our facility, you will feel the difference. Our amazing staff and soothing atmosphere feels more similar to a spa than a medical clinic.

Treatment rooms are outfitted with relaxed lighting and your choice of entertainment, making your 19 minute TMS treatment a peaceful and welcomed escape.

The typical treatment course at North idaho TMS & Brain Center

Although each patient's treatment plan is specific to their needs, below are the
average timeframes for most patients


treatments per week


weeks of treatment


minutes per treatment session on average


total treatment sessions

A Personalize Treatment Strategy Made Just For You

First, you’ll meet with our TMS Coordinator who will review your goals and your personal history along with what TMS therapy can and can not do for you.

We will also review payment options including standard insurance criteria for insurance coverage and our self-pay options.

Next, you will meet with a North Idaho TMS & Brain Center provider for an evaluation which includes questions about your history and symptoms.

If the provider has determined that you are a candidate for TMS therapy, and you are ready to move forward with treatment, a personalized treatment plan will be developed for you.

During this appointment, we will identify the correct coil positioning and magnet strength for you to ensure we effectively administer your individual treatment.

This is a very important component to the overall effectiveness of treatment. Therefore, the visit may last up to 90 minutes.  But don’t worry you can just sit back, relax in a spa-like environment, and let our skilled experts do the rest.

During treatment, you’ll relax in a spa-like environment and remain awake as the NeuroStar TMS device delivers magnetic pulses to the specific areas of your brain that regulate mood. 

After treatment and with your healing process well underway, you can return to your normal daily activities WITHOUT any downtime.

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Depression relief without
THE side effects

TMS is NOT a drug, is NOT “shock” therapy, and is NOT surgery. And it doesn’t have any of the side effects associated with traditional antidepressants.
There is no sedation, anesthesia, or recovery time and for most people the NeuroStar TMS treatment is relaxing.
The most common side effect is mild- moderate scalp discomfort.

Could TMS therapy help me?

Take our 10 question quiz to find out. Our team will reach out to you to discuss your results. 

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