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Brain Health is Mental Health

At North Idaho TMS & Brain Center, we believe that you are not stuck with the brain you have and that improving your brain health can improve your mental health.

A new way to move forward

we Treat Mental Health Differently

We believe that the mental health symptoms you feel can be a reflection of your brain health.

If we improve the health of your brain, we can improve symptoms related to your mental health like depression and anxiety. 

We use a multiple modality approach to help your brain (and your body) heal itself. From advanced labs and comprehensive evaluations, to IV nutrients and vibroacoustic therapies, we have multiple ways to help improve your brain health.

It's All About Neuroplasticity

Our mission is based on the understanding of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself and change by forming new neural connections. 

PET Scans of depressed and non-depressed brains

TMS therapy, and our other services can change the neurofunctioning at the cellular level and successfully improve brain and mental health.

What We Treat

We provide patients with alternative treatments for multiple mental health issues including depression and anxiety. Our high success rate stems from innovative and caring clinicians who administer personalized treatment plans, compared to other TMS providers who utilize a ‘cooker cutter’ standard approach.

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We awaken, nourish, calm, and train your brain through our unique and personalized brain health program.

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Depression can cause feelings of intense sadness and hopelessness and can disrupt your ability to function at work or at home.

anxiety & stress

Anxiety can cause persistent and intrusive fears and worries that are typically disproportionate to the situation.

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